Buying a New Build vs Traditional Properties

There’s something about a new build property that really catches the eye. Whether it’s the design and layout of new roads or the interior design to help sell the lifestyle, there’s still that extra feeling of being the only person to have lived in that property – so you know it’s really yours.

That being said, there are just as many pros to buying a new build as there are for a longstanding property. We’ve broken it down for you below to you decide:

Pros of purchasing a traditional property


By moving into a well-established area, you’re likely to find that your neighbours have lived locally for years. If that is the case, you’ll get a feel for the type of area and neighbours you can expect to be around.


Established areas come with that local feeling of independent restaurants and pubs, which helps when finding something to do out of the house. Some houses have been in families for decades, passed down through the generations.


You know as soon as you walk through a traditional property whether it’s for you or not. Whether it’s the fireplace feature, sash windows, or the visible wood panel ceiling, there’s a sense of home already. That being said, there’s always room to make adjustments to add your own stamp on the property.


Most older properties come with larger gardens, as there was less of a need to take advantage of all the space on the plot. More often than not, the same applies to the bedrooms as built in wardrobes weren’t always a trend.

Pros of buying a new build


Where existing properties continually have to be adapted to changes in legislation, new build properties comply with all the up-to date regulations.

What does this actually mean to you? Well, it means the property is more energy efficient. EPC data actually proves that 80% of new build properties fit the A and B category, compared to just over 2% of existing properties.

Most new build properties come with a warranty but it’s always worth checking what this covers.

Blank canvas

Although the stunning pictures display a certain flooring, walls and tiles, you often find this is just the show room meaning you have a completely brand-new home to plan as you wish. That’s including a fresh kitchen and bathroom.

Modern Living

New build properties are great for installing the latest smart home technology features. If you buy off-plan, you can contribute to the say of the design (depending on how early you buy). This often includes the layout, fittings and style.

Buying a property

As new builds come without a previous owner, you don’t have a chain of buyers above you making it easier to purchase the property and taking away on of the main stresses of buying a new home.