Energy-saving tips this winter

Household energy-saving tips are a popular topic as we approach the colder months, more so this year with the energy market offering no cheap deals. With no cheaper alternative supplier to turn to, how can you keep your home warm this winter?

We’ve done our research, using the expert advice over at the Energy Saving Trust and Money Saving Expert, and compiled 5 things you can do today to help save energy.

Full loads only

Washing machines and dishwashers use the most energy in your house so when you’re thinking of putting a wash on, try using a low temperature and a full load of clothes or dishes. 

Switch it off

Research shows that you can save around £35 on your energy bill each year by switching off appliances by the plug. It’s much easier to switch the TV and game console off with the remote when you’re done for the day but, this winter, give your appliances some time off standby.

Cook for more

If you already have a family of three or four, you’ll be used to cooking for more. If you live alone, make the most of the energy being used by cooking extra for leftovers tomorrow or taking turns with friends to cook for one and another to reduce the energy being used each night. Just make sure you don’t overfill your fridge or freezer as you will only increase the energy needed to keep these appliances cold. 


A habit some of us struggle with, but switching off lights that aren’t needed in rooms is a great way to start this energy-saving trick. Another way to save energy is by double-checking you have replaced all halogen bulbs in your house or flat with LEDs. 


If you have a thermostat, check that the programme for heating switching on is still appropriate for you and/or your family’s living situation. If you know you will be out of the house during the day or in the evening, set the thermostat to a lower temperature to avoid switching on when it’s not needed. 

Pro tip: You can’t beat a good dressing gown and a hot water bottle too!

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Wrap up and look after yourselves. If you have any other energy-saving tips let us know by emailing