Gardening this Spring

Now that we’re in April – that came around quick! – it’s high time to get your garden in tip-top condition for summer! If you saw the recent House Beautiful article then you’ll know that there are plenty of jobs for you to be getting on with this month, including tending to your shrubs, perennials and getting started on your fruit and vegetable patch.

This is the perfect time of year to begin work planting the bulk of your fruit and vegetable seeds, such as broccoli, cabbages, broad beans, artichokes, carrots and parsnips. These should be ready to harvest mid-to-late summer and will taste even more delicious home-grown! Another tip when planting your fruit and veggies is to sprinkle in some sunflower seeds, as they will bring some beautiful sunny colour to your raised beds or borders!

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In terms of harvesting your lovely fruit and veggies, they will all be in bloom at different times. The main thing to remember is that most vegetables can be harvested when they are just half-grown, as they are at the height of flavour and tenderness. It is recommended that you pick them as close to the time you plan to serve them as possible, so that they retain all that lovely freshness and flavour! Check out this handy article for the specifics on each vegetable.

Those hardy perennials from last year will begin to flower soon, so now is the perfect time to fill the gaps in your beds by sowing annual seeds directly – these can be sprinkled across the top of weed-free and raked soil and will quickly begin to germinate. Some recommended annuals are poppies, cosmos and begonia.

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It’s the perfect time to prune your shrubs this month, now that the brunt of the frosty weather is behind us! It is a common misconception that pruning in autumn is best, but this leaves your shrubs and plants exposed to the incoming winter frostiness, so late spring is a much better time to titivate and encourage new growth into your borders. The most effective way to prune is to trim the stems just above the lowest bud.

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Hopefully you have picked up a few useful hints and tricks from this post, and remember that keeping your garden full of colour and leafy goodness will attract bumble bees and butterflies to your space too, so making your home the perfect environment for our little visitors is the perfect way to spend your weekends this April!