How to add value to your home

Now’s a great time to start working on adding value to your home. You’ll reap the benefits when you come to put your property on the market. From small projects to a whole new extension, we’ve got you covered with home improvement tips below to help increase the value of your home. 

Small budget projects

Give your home a fresh look with new lick of paint. Stick to natural colours to help keep the rooms look open, or add a bit of character to your home with a wallpapered feature wall which will catch any guest’s interest. Don’t forget to gloss the skirting boards! Go a step further by adding a fresh layer of paint to your interior doors.


Dig out the gardening tools and go a little further than mowing the lawn this year. Some extra plants around your garden, with a few flower bushes will add a burst of colour to your home this year. Whether it’s for the upcoming BBQs or for professional house photographs to put your home on the market later in the year, injecting colour into your garden with more structure will appeal to buyers or your friends!

Snagging list

Most homeowners have a list of little jobs they have been putting off such as re-grouting the bathroom, filling in hairline cracks, putting up shelving or wiping down scuffed walls. Spending a few weekends working through your snagging list will do wonders for the overall look of your home.

Upgrading projects
Doors and windows

Replace any damaged doors and windows. By damaged, this could be windows that are poorly sealed or affected by condensation. Front, back and garage doors can often cause a draft and potential buyers will spot these straight away. Replacing doors and windows will also help to save you money on keeping your house warm over the colder months if you’re not quite ready to sell yet. 

Renovate a bathroom

Go further than adding a new layer of paint to the walls in the bathroom. Potential buyers will be looking around your property to see what will need to be repaired and when, and a new bathroom will really stand out. Keep it natural and open, so that the light reflects nicely and it will feel like a new home already. Why not add an en-suite to a large master bedroom? En-suites add value to your home, as you keep all your rooms whilst also adding to your home’s features. 

Kitchen makeover

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms to all homeowners. Whether you’re looking to renovate the whole kitchen or to upgrade little elements like cupboard handles or install a new oven, kitchens can make or break a potential buyers interest. You may even find buyers are willing to pay more for a modern and refreshed kitchen that doesn’t require any work.

Major makeovers
Loft conversion

Convert your loft into a spare room. Loft conversions can add up to 15% to your property value, and also increase the floor spacing available when it comes to sell. Or, in the meantime, use it as a spare bedroom for guests or a home office.


Adding a driveway to your home can make your property look tidy and neat, plus off road parking is appealing to potential buyers.


Propertymark shows that 22% of properties sold in 2019 had an extension added, adding to the property’s value. Whether it’s a one or two story extension, it’s a great way to add extra living space to your property. So put an extension on your to-do list this year or next to add to your property!