Keeping the heating bill down when you’re home all day

It’s so quick and easy to turn on the heating when you feel a chill at home, but one day can lead to another and another, and soon the heating has been on all week! Is it really worth it when you see the bill arrive? Probably not!

Here’s a few tips to help you to keep warm at home without blowing the budget:

Dig out the wool

Whether it’s a jumper and fluffy socks, a dressing gown or a blanket, wrap up warm with zero cost!

A hot water bottle on your feet is a good idea if your layers aren’t cutting it!


Keep draughts out

Did you know you can lose between 10-25% of your home’s heat through windows? Make sure all your windows and doors are sealed airtight. There’s nothing worse than a constant draft coming through when you’re trying to keep warm. A quick fix, rather than purchasing new doors and windows, can be a simple stick-on foam draft excluder.

Have you heard the saying ‘Do we live on a farm?’

Keeping your internal doors closed, even for rooms that aren’t in use, will help to keep heat in and means your radiators don’t have to work as hard.

It also means you will be able to keep the heating on low, or off completely, for longer.

Work with your thermostat

Thermostats are a great way to set a constant temperature. Work with your thermostat to set a lower temperature at night when everyone’s asleep, and to schedule heating to come on at certain points in the day.

Dust a little, save a lot

Dust is a great insulator, but your radiators will have to work harder to produce heat if there’s a layer of dust on them. We recommend having a full radiator dusting once a year to keep on top of this, as you never know how much is collecting in the vents!

TIP: Use the hoover to help pull dust from your radiator, then dig out your hair dryer and use this to help blow away the rest!              

On the subject of radiators…

When was the last time you bled your radiators? If your radiators are not warming up fully you will need to release the trapped air, so that they can work on warming your room up to their full potential.

Get moving

Sitting for long periods of time can make you feel cold. Getting up and going for a walk or spending ten minutes doing some quick chores around the house will get your circulation going.

 If you have any other top tips for saving money on heating bills drop us an email!