Planting roots at home

Did you know, plants help to lower stress-hormones to making us more compassionate, and boost our wellbeing?

Over the last month or so, we’ve seen more and more people taking walks to get out of the house for their daily exercise, to help with their mental wellbeing. But, what if you could have the same feeling at home too? 

There are plenty of plants you can purchase that require minimal sun and take up very little space in your home, and with a little research you’ll find the perfect one to match your decor and available space. Whether that’s an overgrown floor plant as a corner feature, or a desk plant that’s compact and tidy.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t take an experienced gardener to look after indoor plants either.

Here’s a few ways plants can brighten up your home and mental wellbeing;


Plants have phytoncides and other airborne chemicals. These chemicals help to reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout the day. If you need more persuading, less stress = a boost in your immune system!

Productivity and Mental Wellbeing 

Studies show that plants in your home or office can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent. As you can imagine, this helps to reduce stress levels and add a boost to your mood. Like decorative items around the home, plants also add colour and liveliness which can help brighten up your home and mood. At the same time, you’ll also reflect the same sense of peace and calmness as the plant. 

Air Quality 

Plants are natural humidifiers and reduce the level of harmful toxins in our homes, improving the quality of air you breathe in. They release oxygen, replacing carbon dioxide in the air, which allows your body to work more effectively.  You’ll begin to feel healthier, knowing you are breathing in cleaner air, especially if you live close to a city where pollution is higher.