Looking after your mental health at home

Feeling frustrated looking at the same four walls? Whether you’re a seasoned homeworker getting used to having the whole family at home or it’s your first time without the familiar structure of office life, it’s important to look after your mental health.

As people around the globe will be hunkering down for the next few weeks, here’s our handy guide to get you through the days when you’re feeling trapped at home:

Create structure

This is the basis of every article about home-working, but it’s such a valid point. Schedules for work, activities and meals plus dedicated places for working and relaxing will all help you and anyone you live with to have a sense of normality and set boundaries. It’ll also help with reducing stress, as you work with a family and work life balance without over exhausting yourself!

Limit news and social media

It’s great to stay informed, but information overload will send your anxiety levels through the roof. Allow yourself 30 minutes a day or set times to look at the news. Take social media rumours and dubious news sources with a pinch of salt!

Check in

There’s a good chance your friends, family and colleagues will be affected by their mental health at this time. Keep in touch and check in through video tea breaks or even just a text message. Not everyone has a support network nearby or at all so it’s worth checking in on your vulnerable neighbours too.


Decluttering might sound boring but when we start rummaging through all our old stuff, we come across memories and photos that we forgot we had. This usually leads to about two hours of not decluttering but reminiscing. Share the memories with your friends and family, whether it’s to start a conversation, or to roll on the floor laughing, you’ll find it takes away the stress of being home all day.

Self care

How often do we find ourselves saying we need to find time to paint our nails, or put time aside for a hot bath, face mask and a glass of wine?! Happens to the best of us. Well, let’s make the time for it today!

Date night

Tensions can rise in the house when you’re at home with the kids, partner or family all week. So, whether it’s a mum and daughter hot chocolate on the sofa with a movie, or a home cooked meal with your partner and a bottle of wine to share, make a stance for something different and give yourself a reason to smile.

Be creative

There’s always something to do in the house but art, music and DIY can be really therapeutic. Adult colouring books and colour-by-numbers can be easily ordered online. Pick back up on long-forgotten instruments. If you have a spare tin of gloss, put the radio on and take a walk around your home and give it a little lift to pass the time.

Get moving

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. An hour of cleaning or DIY will get you up and moving. Take advantage of free online workouts, or just put some music on and dance!

If you have any other ideas or top tips for looking after your mental wellbeing whilst at home drop us an email so we can share them!