Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get the whole family busy doing little tasks around the house. We’ve put together some tips on keeping on top of the housework while you’re at home. Did you know, research has shown that people with clean and tidy houses tend to be happier and healthier!


Whether it’s a drawer, or a whole room, we all have somewhere we leave the little bits and bobs that don’t belong anywhere in particular! Now is the great time to have a full clear out. Throw away or donate items that you haven’t used in the last 12 months, and find a new home for the items you can’t quite part with.

Tackle the whole house in one go

How frustrating is it when you spend hours cleaning, and you feel your home looks no different?! Happens to us all! Pick a task and do it in the whole house, rather than room for room. Hoovering and dusting are two great examples of tasks you can do in one go. You’ll find this more satisfying walking into the different rooms and seeing that something has been done! Best of all, set everyone in the house one task and suddenly there’s not much to do after all.

Germs be gone

With the current situation across the global, it’s so important to disinfect everything you can to keep your family and visits healthy. Grab a cloth and some disinfectant and wipe down all the hard surfaces in your home. Don’t forget; door handles, light switches, banisters, remote controls, telephones and other appliances that are regularly hand held.

Sparkling clean

Spray your kitchen sink with your favourite cleaning product and scrub in if needed, then leave to work its magic. One of the best, and also the easiest, ways to clean grout by letting the product do the work. While waiting go to your bathroom and spray the tub, sink and toilet in there too. You’ll feel so much more at ease once this part is done, but don’t forget to rinse after about an hour!

Our top tip: Use bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to unclog plug holes, then flush away with hot water!

The ones that get away

More often than not, people tend to put off the little jobs that are hardly recognisable! This could be cleaning windows, or cleaning the oven and microwave, wiping down blinds, dusting the skirting boards and cleaning out the washing machine drawer. It’s the little things that really matter!

Last but not the least

Throw your cloths into the washing machine, empty the hoover and then put your feet up. You’ve certainly earned it!

Let us know if you have any other top tips!