Making the most of your franchise business

It would be so much easier, as a franchisor and for our franchisees, for franchising to be a guaranteed success every time. With franchising comes the work and effort you’d expect from anyone starting their own business, but with a tried and tested business model.

Although we bespoke our pre-launch training to each individual and are on-hand for any questions/support during our franchisees journey with us, there are a few things that we recommend our franchisees do to make the most of their business:

1. Stay organised

From the get-go our franchisees are given a daily schedule that we recommend using to stay on top of the admin tasks of running your own business, managing staff and generating business. It’s not compulsory, but we find all our franchisees use this until they find the feet and get into their own routine.

2. Stay on top of new and existing business

It’s so easy to focus on one or the other, and it’s even harder to change your mindset once you’ve got yourself into a rhythm. As much as new business helps to grown expand clientele, it’s cheaper for our franchisees to keep existing clients happy and there’s more where that comes from.

3. Get out of the office

Not all our models are office based but, even with the home working model, we recommend all our franchisees go for a walk or a drive regularly in their local area to see what the market is doing. If there’s for sale or for let signs in a certain area, or if it’s a particular competitor. You can’t stay up to date with your local market from behind a screen and the fresh air allows them to have some time for themselves, maybe even re-align some goals.

4. Bounce ideas back and forth, regularly

Have regular catchups with your employees or business partner to see if they’re getting the same message from the market that you are and come up with ideas together. Being adaptive to the market is key to business success, as customer wants and needs change. There’s no longer a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach that works.

5. Make time for you

Whether it’s turning off your work phone off 8pm through to 8am every night or taking a day off once in a while, letting your staff run the office in your absence. Your business will not fail for giving yourself time to spend with family, or just having some time to yourself, to recharge ready for another working day or week.


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